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Watch the movie closely, and you’ll see how personal it is. Here’s a film in which cinema brings down the Nazi regime, metaphorically and literally. What could possibly be better than that? In this story, cinema changes the world, and I fucking love that idea! - Quentin Tarantino

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The story goes that the Lumiere brothers brought a pianist to their first public screening in 1895 because they recognized the need for something to distract their audience from the cacophonous rattle of the projector. Like most stories about the cinema’s fraternal pioneers, it’s probably apocryphal, but it nevertheless underscores the extent to which filmmakers have always understood the transformative effect music can have on a movie. Watching Jonathan Glazer’s brilliant Under The Skin, it almost feels as if the movies have come full circle, as much of Mica Levi’s discordant score—a mellifluous mess of strings and bells that sounds like a swarm of killer bees trying to seduce the viewer—isn’t far removed from the kind of noise the Lumieres allegedly used music in an attempt to mask.



Ufa (Universum Film AG) German film posters from the 1920s:

- The Golem: How He Came into the World (1920), Paul Wegener & Carl Boese

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), Robert Wiene

Die Nibelungen (1924), Fritz Lang

Metropolis (1927), Fritz Lang

The Last Laugh (1924), F.W. Murnau

Faust (1926), F.W. Murnau

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The Secret World of arrietty

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Titanic (film) trivia: After filming various takes of the scene when Rose runs back to Jack after jumping out of the lifeboat, Leonardo DiCaprio asked James Cameron if they could have one more take “for the actors.” Kate Winslet says: "That was rather daunting, because I had no idea what Leo was going to do." The actors ran toward each other and when Leo got a hold of her, he lifted Kate up in the air and let all of his emotions out. That is the take that made it into the film’s final cut.



Stranger than paradise (dir. Jim Jarmusch, 1984)

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Louise, no matter what happens, I’m glad I came with you.


Favorite Things ~ Favorite Movies: Sunset Boulevard (1950)

"You see, this is my life. It always will be. There’s nothing else. Just us… and the cameras… and those wonderful people out there in the dark."

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Movie Musicals: Little Shop Of Horrors[1986]

A nerdish florist finds his chance for success and romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant who demands to be fed.

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Some people think that horror films are some sort of second class filmmaking, and the only way to bypass that thinking is being proud of the fact that we do it. — Clive Barker

Horror is the future. And you cannot be afraid. You must push everything to the absolute limit or else life will be boring. People will be bored. Horror is like a serpent; always shedding its skin, always changing. And it will always come back. It can’t be hidden away like the guilty secrets we try to keep in our subconscious. — Dario Argento

Horror films don’t create fear. They release it. — Wes Craven

I think of horror films as art, as films of confrontations. Films that make you confront aspects of your own life that are difficult to face. Just because you’re making a horror film doesn’t mean you can’t make an artful film. — David Cronenberg

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